Roundup: February 2015 Beauty Reviews

 I know nobody wants to hear excuses, but I have to use one. I absolutely love when I can do a whole lot of reviews over various beauty products, and then share a weekly roundup, but with school kicking my butt right now, I'm lucky to even get an every other day blog post up, so forget about product reviews. However while procrastinating studying for a math test I decided I could do a month's roundup (maybe that's what I'll do for the future). Oh and try not to judge the makeup, I was having fun with it!

 Coconut Oil - This Pure Body Naturals is my favorite beauty product of the month. I've heard various bloggers and vloggers talk about how great of an all natural product it is for years but it never appealed to me. But trust me it's awesome. No greasy feeling, no scent, just hydrated skin and it's great in soap too. 

Foxbrim Ocean Mineral Lotion - Previously I've used a lot of their products (notably their youthful eye radiance cream) and enjoyed every single one. So of course I was excited to be getting another beauty piece from them. This lotion although a little different both in it's seaweed smell and texture is a keeper for me. 

Sexy Man Hyluronic Acid Serum - I'm a big fan of men using various skin care products so when I was given this I thought it was a great idea. I'm personally a user of hyluronic acid (see my skin care routine) so I think it's great that they offer a product with more masculine packaging, plus the little vitamin c serum sample is a nice addition. 
 Foxbrim & North Coast Argan Oil - I've talked about the fact that I have bad hair multiple times, and that Argan Oil really saved my skin back when I modeled for Brocato. So when given two more bottles of Argan oil, one from Foxbrim who I'm very familiar with and the other from North Coast who's products I'd never tried before offered to send me their's of course I said yes. If you're looking for just 100% pure argan oil North Coast is for you and if you want additives like coconut, sunflower, grapes, and jojoba then Foxbrim is where you should look. 
 La Desssa Ageless - This is a peptide eye serum, and as someone who doesn't pay nearly enough attention to the skin around her eyes I think it's a necessity in my life. First of all I love the push down dispenser and the purple color is the bomb. It feels so nice applying under my makeup and keeps my skin from getting irritated. 

Poppy Austin Eye Cream - Whenever a product says that it has green tea, I'm immediately interested, and add some vitamin c to that and I'm sold. The white minimalist packaging is great and I feel like this not only moisturizes my skin but brightens it too. 

Ageless Derma Neck Lift and Firm Cream - Whenever you see someone who's older the easiest way to guess their age is by the skin on their hands and neck. This ageless derma neck lotion is made to make that harder to do and just like the other products of theirs I've tried are great. 

La Deessa Luminous - Retinol is a product I swear by when it comes to skin moisturization. This one looks just like the Ageless Peptide Eye Serum and as a combination I think they work great. 
Shebah Vitamin C Serum - If you're what would be commonly referred to as a sun worshipper then you should probably start looking to put a vitamin c serum in your life. This one is easy to apply and at 20% is a handy thing to have in your beauty arsenal. 

Havens Arc Vitamin C Serum - Sometimes you don't just want to repair past damage, you want to be little more proactive which is where Havens might help you. It has hyaluronic acid for hydrating your skin as well as vitamin e to make it look healthier. 

NuNutrients Vitamin C - Antioxidant triple action. Just like Shebah Vitamin C Serum this is one of those run of the mill 20% vitamin c serums, but that isn't a bad thing. For someone with sensitive skin this would be perfect. Plus the packaging looks stellar. 

Radha Beauty Vitamin C Serum - Like the fast majority of the beauty product that I reviewed this month this Radha Beauty bottle is via Amazon. Somehow though it's packaging got a little damaged which is why it looks so funny. I like though that it is different looks wise than your normal serum making it easier to apply. 

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