Review: Technoskin DS Case

I am a video game player. Of course I love playing them on my xbox and computer but when I really like to play them is on the go. Of course I can always use my phone and play games like minecraft but that gets old pretty fast. What's the most fun is playing my Nintendo which has a ton of different games on it, that are actually sophisticated, you know the opposite of flappy bird. So of course I was super excited when Technoskin sent me their DS Case. 

This DS case comes via amazon. If you know anything about my other reviews being able to order and have a product shipped from Amazon is a huge plus in my book. In the shipping box this DS case has a secure soft top. I love that it's not one specific DS but actually fits a few different models. 

Verdict: I love that this case also can hold a hose of DS games in addition to protection your device. This case is made to be able to take wear and if it gets dirty you can always wipe it done. And the strap that comes with it is very handy.  

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