Review: Syono Full Length Orthotic Inserts and Insoles

Feet are sort of a weird thing. Some people really like them, but for most they're just something that you walk on. However you do start to realize you have feet when they start hurting. Now that I'm at a bigger campus  I do a lot more talking which is where I've begun to get sore feet. That's why I was super excited that Syono sent me a pair of their full length orthotic inserts and insoles to try out. 

Alright so they come in the normal sort of shipping way. Inside (after you get past the packing things) is the plastic container holding the Syono product. It's an opaque white and has quite a bit of information on it. Inside are the two insole inserts. They're black with breathable holes. 

Verdict: I got these in a women's medium and they were a bit too long. Of course this isn't a problem because cutting them down to size is very easy to do, with just a pair of scissors. These aren't going to be the most padded insoles you can buy, but they wear well and add a noticeable amount of comfort. 

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