Review: Releaf Leaf Scoops

Yard work is not my favorite thing. I mean sure I love my backyard garden  and have fun with that the fall maintenance isn't my favorite thing. Raking leaves, then putting them in bags, and after that mulching and putting them on the garden can be a big hassle. So when the people over at Releaf leaf scoops offered to send me one of their scoops of course I said  to try it. 

Alright so you can get it on amazon which is a great thing. That means easy payments then shipping and of course if you have any issues, no hassle returns. When it arrives, in the standard amazon box it's wrapped nicely in a clear plastic. Holding the two scoops together is a brown twine and a pleasant looking brown tag. The scoops themselves are quite a bit larger that I expected and the green color is actually kind of fun.

Verdict: I have to say that I'm very impressed with this leaf scoop. It's very easy to use and makes picking up the leaves so much easier to do. I think for anyone who has a lot of trees this is a great product. 

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