Review: A little bit of Tea Time

I think that I'm starting to become quite the drinking connoisseur, I mean I've done reviews over espresso cups and today I'm here with a variety of different reviews based on drinking tea. Last night I was sitting around watching movies, specifically action ones so I thought it was the perfect time to try out a few teas and my new mug as well as the tea infuser. 

Moscow Mule Mug - After pouring in my hot water I realized that that a metal cup probably isn't the best for doing that with, because the heat easily transferred to the handle. However since it's made for cold alcoholic drink I don't think that it's a problem. Plus I love the look of the shiny copper and the large size is nice. 

Smart Tea Infuser - I'll admit this infuser was the piece that I was most excited about getting. I've been very into tea lately and didn't have a way to use loose leaf tea. A little sad since I had grown some in my backyard garden. I think this tea infuse is adorable and I love the string that you can attach to your cup so you don't have to worry about fishing it out. It is a little tough to get the lid open  but with a little wear I don't think that'll be an issue. 
Fashionista Tea - I have to say that when this arrived I was immediately attracted to it. It was wrapped in leopard print and has an adorable brown and white tin. Inside is the loose leaf Organic Orange Chamomile. I tried it out, and was hooked. They have a recommended serving amount but I'd say up it a bit if you like you tea on the strong size, otherwise perfect. 

Dandelion Root Tea - I wasn't really expecting to like this tea. I mean I knew it'd be good for me as sort of a detox but taste good? I didn't think so. However Kiss Me Organics surprised me. With the hint of Cinnamon this tea is one I don't mind taking.  

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