Review: Leather Nova Cleaner & Conditioner

Winter is on it's way out. I've worn leather (actually a lot of pleather too) these past few months and with the snow and ice along with the general wear and tear my shoes are starting to look a little rough. I had a great way to clean my tennis shoes so when I was given this Leather Nova Cleaner and Conditioner I was excited for a way to clean up the other half of my shoes. 

Alright so this is one of those products you can get off of amazon which is of course fantastic. You order and pay via amazon and it's shipped from their warehouse so it's fast and easy through the whole process. When it arrives it has a dark brown bottle with a gold label and some information. I was happy to see that it also came with a yellow pad for application.

To apply simply put some on your leather, it'll come out a translucent yellow, and rub using the pad. As soon as I applied it I saw a big difference and to be honest I expected that once it dried it wouldn't look quite as good but that didn't happen. So I found a way to clean my leather shoes. 

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