Review: Derma MD Glamor LIP Plumpers (Sweet & Sassy Trio)

 Not too long ago I talked about the Derma MD Wasabi Cleanser which has been a great addition to my night time routine and a complete game changer as far as the health of my skin is concerned. Of course with a little help from their pore refining system. So when I was browsing around their site I pretty much figured anything would be golden and everything looked like something I wanted to try but these lip plumpers were intriguing both because their pretty colors and because I do have lips that are on the thin side. So when Derma MD sent them to me I was very excited to get to try out this Sweet & Sassy Trio.

Opening up this set of lip glosses I was immediately impressed with how their packaged. It's for sure some of the cutie lip gloss packaging I've seen. Many in the same price range as this Derma MD product come in a soft plastic container without a separate dispenser like the Lippy Girl Gloss. The bottle is clear with the Glamor name as well as lip plump underneath so you know this isn't just any lip product. The cap is a shiny gold and I love that the color names are on the bottom of the tube. 
 Here are the swatches of each on my forearm. From left to right Peach Bellini a light blush pink, Sheer Delight a clear shiny lip gloss, and Golden Goddess a warm yellowish orange color. Each of these are very sheer and offer quite a bit of shine. Personally I use them as a complement on top of whatever lipstick I'm wearing for the day and the Derma MD Lip Plumpers really make it pop. All while making my lips a little fuller without the discomfort I've had using other lip plumpers and without loosing any of the lipstick color underneath. Below is a simple makeup look using the Golden Goddess color above a matte orange/pink lipstick. On my eyes is a whole lot of mascara, eyeliner and some black eyeshadow. 


You can get your own Sweet & Sassy Trio from Derma MD HERE  use code dermamd40 for 40% off. 


  1. Great review! These lip plumpers sound amazing! =)

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  2. I've never tried this brand...

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