Review: Be Me Nail Art Pens (Harvest Collection)

 I've had a love affair with nail polish since middle school, and have a lacquer collection to prove it. If it's out there, from greys and blacks to neons, from matte to a very pigmented glitter I want to have it, and of course use it on my nails. However I've never been all that talented at doing fancy nail art with my polishes, and whenever I've seen all of the Pinterest and Instagram pictures I have a ton of envy. So when the people over at Be Me offered to send me their nail art pens to try out, which are specifically made to create intricate designs with ease. 

I was given the harvest collection. It comes in a black box with artwork featuring lots of different nail designs you can try out, the Be Me logo and a window to see the nail art pens that are stored inside. The box holds eight different nail art colors an orange, blue, lime green, dark pink, bronze, black, dark brown and a medium purple. They are doubled by a tab that holds them in the middle.
How to use them. For the regular nail polish brush simply untwist and paint nails as usual. I found all of the polishes to be opaque and quick drying. Doing the work with the pen is a little harder. You're going to have to pull up on the tab quite hard to get it out. Once you do you'll see the pen as pictured above. Then squeeze (this will also be a little hard to do), to get the nail polish out and draw.

Verdict: I love all the colors that are contained in the Be Me Nail Art Pens Harvest Collection. Applying them as nail color is super easy but doing the pen work does take a little bit of practice to get the hang of. However for less than $25 I think it's totally worth it.

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