Outfit: Pre-Valentines Day & Oh Hey Girl


The weather around here is still freezing cold and quite grey so just like my green dress look so these photos are unfortunately indoors. However I am quite happy with my Valentines Day inspired outfit. Of course without any red and only some pink on the scarf and coat it isn't really a Valentines Dinner or really any other Valentines Date Look but instead more of a dressy outfit for sometime during Valentines Week, and this mostly black and white put together look is exactly what I am out on Friday night.  
Skirt - Normally I wouldn't even look at a pleated skirt, too cheerleader / catholic school girl for me. But after seeing how nice the style was during my Brocato shoot (and of course how I looked in them) I changed my mind and bought this one for myself. I love that like my pencil skirts it's high waisted and the just above the knees is a modest necessity. 

Shoes - These spiked shoes are one of those sort of "man repeller" fashion pieces. Every girl I know loves them, but the guys not so much. Maybe they're intimidated by the height and the domineering feel they give. Whatever the problem it doesn't stop me from wearing them. 

Jacket - Since it is winter... I had to add a jacket. I love this plaid collarless one because, you can wear a cute scarf with your shirt and don't have to worry about doing any maneuvers to keep it on while getting your coat off. Plus the color pattern is so pretty. 

Scarf - About that scarf. It's just your basic pink light "fashion" scarf, not really meant for keeping warm with. It does however ad a bit of modesty to a sleeveless or low cut top without making you look too conservative. 

Top - When wearing high waisted skirts I almost exclusively wear crop tops because it's so hard to find an average skirt that I can easily tuck in. Plus how could I not wear this pretty lace on the most romantic week of the year. 

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  1. You look great!! And I am loving those shoes!

  2. Great outfit!



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