Outfit: Elite99 Green Lace Shift Dress

Let me just start by apologizing for the terribleness of these photos. The past WEEK it's been so cold out that I can barely convince myself to walk between classes with what looks like a parka on let alone stand around for pictures to be taken of me. So instead I had today's OOTD photos in my room before I left for school. Which brings up another thing, I really need to 1. Get a better camera 2. Get a tripod so I can take my own pictures, because well, you can see the pictures. At least my outfit is cute!

As I talked about in my Tj Maxx haul I'm really working on going from a jeans (or almost as often yoga pants) and casual shirt to wearing more dresses and skirts, because I'm starting to feel like a slouch. And I think other people are seeing the same thing. So on this wonderful Wednesday I wore a girly shift dress and even some jewelry for a casual school outfit that's a big improvement over my normal outfit even if there are no heels involved. 

Dress - When I was given the chance to pick out a clothing piece from Elite99 (you may have noticed their banner ad in the sidebar and if you haven't already should totally check them out)  as soon as I saw this shift dress I had to have it. The green color is gorgeous, and lace is never out of style. When it arrived I was super impressed by the quality and little details like key hole back. 

Shoes - Since I have to go up and down stairs, and across grass all day, as much as I'd like to wearing heels isn't really an option. However that doesn't automatically mean I have to wear tennis shoes which is wear these combat boots come it. They add a little bit of roughness to an otherwise sweet outfit and I love the flapper effect they give. 

Necklace - Fast fashion jewelry isn't something I've be all that into but that just might change with Rayfancy. They have so many pretty pieces (all of which are very reasonably priced) that I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to get. This purple triangle necklace seemed like a good fit and something I can wear often. 

Bag - I've had this bag since my Freshman year of high school and it's held up wonderfully after all my abuse. I decided to add it to this outfit to tie in the purple and gold necklace with the green dress, and make the whole look a little younger and more fun. 





  1. Stunning dress! We love the color!

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