Making Christmas Cookies into St. Patrick's Cookies

As someone who's on spring break I have a lot of free time, I mean other than worrying about a math test that STILL hasn't been graded. So I figured I could baking some cookies since there was a mix in my house. Actually my mother bought this mix on sale a few weeks ago since it's a christmas set and since there color is green I figured I might as well make it into a St. Patrick's cookie baking theme to go with my cute green dress I wore. 

Alright so the first step is mixing the cookie mix (given) in with an egg and butter. Since I'm a vegan I substituted the butter for coconut oil and luckily had egg replacement on hand. I started mixing them in the kitchen mixer (managing to use the right tool this time) and after powdering the counter with flour and laid it out with my Orblue pastry blender. The mix was a bit wet so I had some trouble using the cookie cutters but I found that I could dry it up a little by putting on the green powder. 

Bake time was roughly 15 minutes, and when they came out I was a little shocked to see how much they'd ballooned. Personally I didn't like the cookies but my family did and they weren't nearly as bad as the gingerbread pops. I do have to say though that I ended up throwing away both of the cookie cutters that came with my kit because they were terrible to clean. Not only was it hard to get the mess out but I got cut doing it. 

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