How To: DIY Personalized & Themed Bath Salts

 As someone with a lot of women to buy gifts for throughout the year I'm always looking for creative ways to make presents for these ladies. As far as I'm concerned a homemade personalized present is much more thoughtful than your basic purchased one, and it can be light on the pocketbook which for someone like me is always a plus. So when the people at Adovia sent me bath salts (who's shampoo, soap, and lotion I previously reviewed) I came up with the prefect idea for the girls who love to visit the spa. A personalized holiday themed and colored jar full of bath salts, which can be combined with other relaxation products into a full spa inspired gift set.
As far a DIY projects go this bath salts one doesn't have too many items needed to make it. You'll need a jar (I used an old salsa one), a hot glue gun, a square of fabric and some food coloring. In a large mixing bowl put the jar that you're going to use. Fill it up with the Adovia bath salt (this way you know how much you'll need) and then dump it into the bowl. Add food coloring and mix it.Because of how the salt absorbs the food coloring you can add multiple  colors and each will show individually in the mix.   You can use a mixing spoon to do this but I found the just using my hands worked better. Then it's time to start on the lid. Simply put the fabric over the top of the jar and then twist on lid. Fold over two sides and glue them on. Then tie the other two sides together and adjust to desired affect and glue it down that way. For both of my jar lids I went with a turban look.

For an even more personalized present you can add labels to the jars.

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