Book Review: Punch Bowls & Pitcher Drinks

Punch Bowls & Pitcher Drinks
Recipes for Delicious Big-Batch Cocktails
By Jeanne Kelley & Sarah Tenaglia

Stir up delicious fit-for-a-crowd cocktails. Find inspiration in fresh fruit, smoky spices and potent spirits and mix a bowl or pitcher of punch for any occasion or season. Whether it's a drink served in champagne flutes at a holiday party or in Mason jars and paper cups in the backyard you'll take cocktail hour to a whole new level with every one of these drinks. Classic Cocktails, Sangrias & Champagne-Based Punches, Tropical Drinks, Height of Summer, Fireside Cocktails. and Non Alcoholic Punches.

As you might already know I don't drink alcohol so I though this book was going to go straight to the gift pile for my grandmother. However I decided to flip through it first and I'm so glad I did. The recipes are fun and refreshing not to mention quite a few don't contain any alcohol at all. I even found a use for my Moscow Mule Mug. If you like the Tamales Cookbook  or Bread Revolution then this is a book you should check out. I just wish I'd known about it sooner (like for my cousin's baby shower) because this book is going to be a huge help in future party planning. 

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