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*Thanks to U by Kotex (click HERE for free samples) for hosting today's post

Like a little more than half of the world's population I'm lucky enough to be born female. Of course this means a lot of great things like wearing  colorful makeup, hair bows and yoga pants without being judged (not too much anyways). But unfortunately it isn't all awesome, and I'm reminded of that monthly.

I've been lucky not to have too much of an issue with cramps but there is one thing, other than the annoyance is that I've ruined more than one pair of underwear that I really liked. So to keep this from happening I became one of those girls with "period panties". I told all of cute underwear goodbye for the duration of my periods and swapped them out with what is commonly referred to as granny panties, that way I didn't have to worry about the heartbreak of ruining my favorites.

Luckily with 3D Capture Core Pads I don't have to do this anymore. They are the latest in feminine hygiene products and have saved me more than a few times from those embarrassing female moments. Not only are these pads on the stylish side but they are easy to open, have wings so they're stay in place and are ultra thin. Oh and this is probably the most important they're leak free and as someone who's used them for the past six months I can say I've never had a problem and they're much more comfortable than the ones I replaced them with.

Just in case of emergencies I always keep a few in my backpack so I can avoid any in school embarrassing moments. They're so thin that I can just forget about them until I have to use them.


You can click over to the U by Kotex site to get pad samples and become an #UnderWarrior too. So #SavetheUndies . 

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