Visiting the Indianapolis Museum of Art

 Today I spent the whole day in Indianapolis, first we went to Mass Ave for some shopping and lunch (blogging about it soon!) and then off to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for some culture. We parked in the garage underneath the museum so we could go straight from there into the museum. There was an exhibit about Georgia O'Keeffe since there was plenty of other things to do. Instead we decided to start from the highest floor at the museum and work our way down. 

This is where the modern art was housed. Of course I had to take pictures with a few of the pieces the first being the above sculpture. It's made of the same stuff that's inside of balloons, and from far away it looks super fuzzy and as you get closer it looks metal. According to my mama's friend who has her Doctorate in medical stuff it looks gram positive cocci in clusters which is some type of bacteria. 
 The next room I went into was weird. It was a big empty space and on the ceiling it had all of these wires attached to speakers. So you just wait for a cycle to start and then you can listen to what's supposed to be lots of positive words and sounds. Really though it just is creepy and what I imagine hearing voice in your head would be like. 
 Another room had three weird things. Some sort of painting, a display that was messy hard to see and worst of all a string. The string took up a large space, and it spanned quite a ways. From the window to the floor. Something about going outside the boundaries. I didn't get it.  However outside there were a few fun things like a gorgeous fountain, what looks to be hotdogs and the popular LOVE sign.
 One piece I did like was this one that I decided to take a selfie with, and I have to say that my printed game over sweatshirt matches quite well. It's a huge two part pieces made of thin wire coated in what looks to be silver seed beads. I'm not sure that there's a concept to "get" but I think it looks pleasant.
 My favorite piece on the whole floor and maybe the whole Indianapolis Museum of Art was this one made with the little metal seal around glass bottle caps. I wish I would have been a little more diligent in remembering the names of artwork. The lighting this photo isn't the best but you can still tell the texture and depth that it has. 
 There was one exhibit that I think went over my head more than any other at the IMA, and it was this weird dark room. We walked in and just saw dark, outside the entrance was a museum worker and we confusedly asked her if it was an exhibit which is always a bad sign. Going in it was almost pitched black and we kind of stumbled past other figures watching a screen and did the same thing. It was playing some sort of man walking getting closer and closer. For us it felt like some serial killer sort of deal, and we went on feeling like we had #noculture 
 When first going by this wall of assorted objects, it looked a little fifty shades of grey. We looked around for a tag to tell us what it was but ended up moving on to other exhibits. Going past it though our curiosity got the better of us and we asked one of the staff members what it was. He told us it was just a thing they'd put together and the goal was to find three dollar bills. Eventually he had to help us with the last one because although we saw it, we didn't identify it because it was covered in white wax. Probably the most fun piece for us at the IMA.
 This outfit (it's on a mannequin) was hilarious. Some man who was a dancer made it and it's a sound suit that "makes noise when you wear it". To use it looks like a collection of pieces you'd find at your grandmother's house. Doilies for the fitted part, her old record player for the head and then hanging off it all those old bird figures that she's been collecting over the years. 
 Down a floor, in an area that looked more like it should be in a vintage shop, you know the place full of ceramic kitchenware and furniture was this old beauty. A 1985 Apple computer. On the other side of the display was another Apple product, an iPad from 2010. The difference is amazing especially after only 25 years, although I do wish they would have put the computing process differences on it. I texted this to my father ( a software engineer) and he quickly texted back that he's worked on older. 
The last photo I have to share with you (loads more on my phone, but I don't want this post to take a million years to load) is one from the African area. I wish we'd had more time to visit the Asian, Americans and Mediterranean areas but at least I saw one. Plus I got this hilarious photo to end with.

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