Review: Sprouts Voice Remedy

Winter seems to be a constant right now, and seeing temperatures below zero when I leave for school in the morning is becoming the norm. With all the cold weather and going to a big school where there are a lot more people to mingle with meaning for a big chance of getting sick. With all the class work, along with my hobbies of blogging and modeling this leaves very little (a.k.a) no time for me to nurse myself back to health after sickness. So when Sprouts offered to send me their Voice Remedy herbal supplement I thought it'd be the perfect thing. 

Alright so like a lot of wonderful things on the internet you can get this healing with green product on Amazon. You order from the site, pay through there (via a lot of different options) pick out your shipping and it actually comes to you from the Amazon warehouse. When this herbal remedy arrives it's a Prime shipping box and packed with bubble wrap. Inside was the product with the Voice Remedy name across the middle in white with gold accents saying this is a voice hoarseness formula and an herbal supplement. 

Verdict: I've been very into all natural formulas lately, using things like shea butter and pure lemon extract  so of course I like that this Sprouts Voice Remedy is a herbal supplement. It works well, and since I'm going to be giving quite a few presentations (unfortunately) in the near future it's great to have on hand. 

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