Review: Smooth Viking Beard Oil

Previously I talked about the Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner which I made a male friend of mine, who happens to have quite the beard use. I mean as much as he liked his beard, I wasn't the biggest fan because it just looked homeless to me since it was so scratchy. Well the conditioner worked wonders so when Smooth Viking Beard Care offered to send me their beard oil to try out of course I said yes.

Unlike the beard conditioner this beard oil does look like a product you can get from Amazon, which you can so that's not a bad thing. Although it did come in a very cool burlap sack that isn't common. It has a dark brown glass bottle with a dropper dispenser. Around the middle is a white label with orange and red accents, as well as white font. To use rub three drops of oil between fingers and massage into beard. Adjust as needed. 

Verdict: This Smooth Viking beard oil is made to moisturize beards, so that the aren't itchy and look a little less scraggly. After seeing the results I think it works great and I love that it's all natural. Avocado Oil, Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil among other things which are all great for hair and skin do a lot for a man. 

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