Review: Radha Beauty Eye Gel

December and January weren't bad but now that February is here I'm really feeling winter. Between the strong wind and the below zero temperatures (fahrenheit!) my skin has been taking a beating. One of the worst places is the sensitive part around my eyes so I was super excited that Radha Beauty sent me their eye gel to review. 

This moisturizer comes in a black shiny box. On the front is the Radha brand logo in gold and some white font with more product information. Inside is a small bottle (.5 oz of product) that's white. It has a black label and more white font and more gold accents. The cap pulls off and underneath is a push down dispenser. 
The gel is a clear color and goes into the skin easily. Consistency wise it reminds me of the Adovia Mineral Eye Gel not heavy but still enough that your skin gets moisturized. It didn't leave any oily residue and didn't have a scent.

Verdict: This Radha Beauty eye gel is great. I love the simple black packaging and the light feel that this cream has going on. This isn't going to be a strong wrinkle cream but I love that it has plant stem cells, peptide complex and vitamin e formula. 

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