Review: Paula Dorf Lip Color Cream Legend

 As you might know a ways back I reviewed one of the Paula Dorf products, their 2+1 for Brows  and it was great product. So when the people over at Paula Dorf offered to send me their lip color, of course I said yes. Even if I normally have a tad bit of trouble with lip sticks, being either dry and hard to apply or that they don't last. I was curious to see if Paula Dorf could solve my problem. 

Alright so it comes in a silver rectangular cardboard container. On the front is the Paula Dorf logo. At the top is the label lip color, across the middle is the Paula Dorf logo and at the bottom is the net weight of the product, .12 oz.  The product is in a black matte hard plastic container. 
The lower swatch is the Legend Lip Color. Above that is the Paula Dorf Passion cheek color. This cream lip stick goes on evenly without clumping. The color is a warm cherry red and looks gorgeous on my pale skin, but I think it'd also look good on darker skin. More impressive than the vibrant color of this Paula Dorf product though is how long it lasts, it's more more like a stain than your average lip stick. Similar to the discontinued Dragon by Chanel. use code LIPCOLOR for 20% off

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