Review: Nügg Face Masks

I'm always working on my skin. Since I'm no longer in middle school, it's gotten a little better, acne wise that is, but I feel like there are so many problems I still have. I get nasty blackheads (and use a blemish remover to fix that) and large pores which are both annoying issues. However my biggest problem lately has been dry skin, and overall dull looking skin probably in part because it's winter and in part because I'm not helping it out enough. So I was super excited when the people over at Nugg sent me a few of their face masks, a deep cleansing kind and a hydrating one for me to try out.

Alright so lets start with the packaging. They come individual packets which is actually portioned quite large. If you have a way to store them I think you can get two uses out of each little container. You just peel off the top, the pink being the moisturizing one, and the cucumber being deep cleansing and get started.

Putting them on the face they apply like a lotion, that's not quite as heavy and a little bit smoother. Both of these smell good and even though the cucumber is supposed to be deep cleansing, in addition to having more appealing pores it still moisturizes. I left mine on overnight and when you wake up they'll have completely absorbed into the skin and you'll be left with fresh looking skin.

To keep your skin looking awesome, and improve it's current look Nugg put together a few resolutions for you.

1. Wear sunscreen every day. Try using a moisturizer that has SPF, that way you don’t have to add an extra step to your morning routine.
2. Never sleep with your makeup on. Washing your face at night will prevent any dirt and impurities from seeping into your skin and causing breakouts. To ensure a thorough cleanse, use our Deep Cleansing mask. The Jojoba Lite Oil in this face mask dissolves sebum in a gentle, healthy way so that excess sebum can be rinsed off leaving you with hydrated, nourished skin.
3. To lock-in extra moisture, apply your moisturizer when your skin is still slightly damp. For even more hydration, apply a thin layer of our hydrating mask as a sleep mask or below your foundation in the morning which also can serve as a beautifying primer.
4. Clean your makeup brushes. Not only does old makeup start to build up on the bristles, but dust particles will stick to them as well. Be sure to wash your brushes at least once a week using any hair shampoo you have handy. You will notice quite the difference in makeup application and the clearness of your skin. Especially with sensitive skin, also make sure to use synthetic brushes (such as Tweezerman brush iQ).
5. Drink no less than 8 glasses of water a day. Hydration is important on both the inside and out. Use our Hydrating mask twice a week to infuse moisture to the skin. The Spirulina Extract in this face mask provides a reservoir of water which it releases into the skin when needed. 

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