Review: Markwin's Mini Nail Salon

 If there is one beauty product I'm obsessed with it's got to be nail polish. I've been using and collecting it since my early middle school days, look before I even tried the lightest of makeup. Right now I have a huge box of nail lacquers sitting on my dresser, and you'd think that'd be enough for me but every time I go to a drug store I always take a peek at the colors they have. So when Markwins offered to send me their Mini Nail Salon to try out of course I said yes. 

I've seen a few different color options of it in stores, some with five polishes and three glitters and a variety of color schemes based on the color of your set. Mine however has what seems to be a random selection with six polishes and sans glitter. The container is purple and the polishes are stored at the top, the bottom is super cool because it's actually a battery powered nail drier so no worries about messing up your mani while waiting for it to dry. 
 From left to right: Lucky a turquoise sort of blue very similar to Wet n Wild Diving for Pearls, it takes two-three coats to get full opaqueness but one it does it's gorgeous. Love affair similar to Candies Galactic Dust except in gold. With both big and small glitter pieces, it's a whole lot of fun to wear. Girly a shiny all over gold, that's perfect for a polished winter look. Then princess a barely there nude color. 
Kiss Me a vibrant pink that reminds me of the Spoiled Plastic Flamingo. Even after just the first coat, payoff is great and it reminds me of candy. Then last, my favorite color Glam. It's an oxblood red that's dark, opaque and wears well. Perfect for more of a grown up look. 

Verdict: I have to say that I love Markwin's Mini Nail Salon set. It has six very good colors, that are all different so when you get the set you have a lot of looks to pick from. The storage up top is nice too, and I love the added nail dryer in the bottom. It's quite and makes for quick dry time. You can get this set exclusively from Walmart. 

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