Review: Makeup by One Direction Limited Edition Tour Case

 Previously I reviewed One Direction's Up All Night Collection as well as a their UV Makeup Set both of which were actually very good sets of makeup, and for sure worth getting, even if you aren't a fan of 1D. So when I was contacted about reviewing the Makeup by One Direction Limited Edition Tour case of course I said yes. On the outside it's a black hard plastic with silver accents. Around it is a thick paper one direction promotion.
 Inside there are three trays. First being one full of eyeshadows, two jumbo eyeliners, two duo brush sponge applicators and a purple UV Lights Electroglam mascara. One down had different nail polishes as well as some glitter, a lip gloss, and two jumbo lip liners
Even though there are a ton of different eyeshadow colors I figured I could swatch them all for you. The first three rows are closest to my hand, and after that there are three long lines consisting of two eyeliners and the gorgeous purple electroglam mascara, and then the rest of the eyeshadow. 

Spotlight a moderately pigmented white, Dawn a barely there lilac and blush the same thing in pink. Amped an unnoticeable yellow, lime light a pretty green harmony a darker purple, faded jeans a vibrant blue, twilight a glitter pink and onyx a black. Sparkle a graphic color, mocha a light brown, then sequin a nude, dusk orange, Irish luck a green melody a purple red, earth a warm brown, lightening a white glitter and a dark purple called amethyst. Graphic an opaque black, poser a nice pink, ultra violet a noticeable purple, then cornflower which has more blue before center stage which lasts quite well. Georgia Rose is a pretty red that shows up well. A less vibrant but still noticeable terra cotta, summer rain and sapphire two blues that don't apply well but have a good color payoff. Then the two jumbo eyeliners the nude perfect for water lines and both happy perfectly. The mascara is so nice too. 

Khaki isn't that opaque but next it is glacial which is and bronzed does well too. Mushroom is a nice neutral and midnight reminds me of my previous collection. Spring a fun green, sherwood an easy to see grey and then galaxy a black glitter and emerald a matte green. I had a lot of hope for metallic mint but it doesn't show up well, but the midnight sky next to it does. Then quartz, a pink, surfer blue a light blue, next to a darker blue called London Sky, which is next to Aqua Mist another light blue but tis one with a little green, brick which is more of a pink than red and cityscape which is totally just a silver glitter, then coffee brown. 
Then swatches of the liquilights gloss  in backstage. I have to say that this orangish red is the prettiest of the one direction lip glosses which is saying a lot because they're all pretty. Then two jumbo li[ liners in pink one darker and one lighter which are very easy to use. Along with that was a black light to test out your UV products and a whole lot of nail polishes. 
The first five nail colors starting at my thumb star struck a glitter pink. On my index finger blue a fuse , then graffiti a black glitter that had rectangular pieces, street punk an opaque black, and last on my pinky rebel, a reddish purple.  All of these have two coats and went on easily. 
Strobe a UV white, which isn't only on my thumb but also on my index finger and then middle finger. On my index finger is shock a gorgeous pink and then voltage. Both glitters are vibrant and UV.

Verdict: I think this One Direction Train Case, or as they like to call it Tour Case, is perfect for someone just getting into makeup. It has a ton of nice eyeshadows, and nail polishes, as well as a fun mascara and lip products. Plus cute stickers and a nice place to store it all. 

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