Review: Derma MD Wasabi Anti-Acne Cleanser

 Awhile back I was lucky enough to be sent a Niacimide Pore Refining Serum for review and absolutely loved the results I got from using it. Since I liked it so well the people over at Derma MD offered to send me another product, of my choice. Of course they have about a million wonderful things that I'd love to try out but eventually I narrowed it down to the Wasabi Anti-Acne Cleaner (and some lip products that you'll see in the future). I did this for two reasons, first of all, even with my huge array of beauty products for daily use I've yet to find a cleaner that cleans well without irritating my skin, and I specifically needed one to fight acne since it's been a little bit of an issue lately. 
 Just looking at this Derma MD bottle I knew it'd fit in my life. I love the white color (I'm a simple girl, what can I say) with mostly black font and a little bit of green for pop. The size, 8 oz, is large enough that you don't have to constantly reorder but small enough that you don't have to find a place to put it. And I especially love that unlike a lot of this skin care products I've been getting lately, this Derma MD Wasabi Anti-Acne Cleaner has a push down dispenser making it very easy to use. 

About using it... First wet your face then apply the wasabi cleanser in circular motions. It's a clear product with gel like consistence, that has a few bubbles and goes on very smooth. Like a light version of the Neutrogena Acne Cleaners. Where it differs though is that this Wasabi cleanser is so easy on my skin. As someone who's eaten wasabi I expected it to be mildly irritating but it was so gentle. The smell of this cleaner is also a whole lot less harsh than other acne gels, to the point where I think it's pretty pleasant. 
After letting it get all bubbly on my face I left it on for about ten minutes, the directions don't say to do it, it's kind of my thing to do so that everything will soak in. After that I rinsed it off with warm water and was very happy with how my skin felt. It's smooth and clean, of both dirt and oil but it isn't dried out or itchy a common problem I have with cleansers. Of course the best part is that after continued use I've noticed less acne and blackheads so I can go out without makeup on. Totally going to be using this guy up. 

You can get your own wasabi cleaner from DermaMD HERE


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