Outfit: Woolen Pink Plaid Coat


As I talked about a few days ago when I did my winter school look it's freezing around here. So when this gorgeous coat arrive from Oasap came in the mail yesterday I was super excited, and immediately put together a winter outfit, that I think is a nice shopping outfit. It's comfortable and warm, but still cute enough that I can wear it to class and still consider myself "looking good". 

Coat - I thought that this coat was gorgeous when I saw it on the Oasap website, but when it arrived at my house it looked even better. It is double breasted but personally I like it unbuttoned.

Jeans - Since this woolen coat is thicker, it's always good to wear pants that are more fitted, which is why I went with a pair of skinny jeans. This pair has a worn look which complements the put together feel of the coat.

Boots - Normally boxy short boots aren't all that feminine but the sequins make up for that. Plus with the black color and short height my legs look longer. And per usual with boots my feet are quite cozy. 

Tank - Since I leave the coat open, and it is collarless you can clearly see what I'm wearing underneath. To keep it from clashing with the plaid coat I picked a simple colored tank free of any pattern. 



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