Outfit: Raglan Sweater & Striped Pencil Skirt


It seems like that cold weather I was complaining about last week (see my winter school look) hasn't gone away. If anything it's gotten worse with 3 degree (fahrenheit) weather last night, which I'm quite disappointed about since I have to go back to school on Monday. But I decided I could put together a fun and dressy winter outfit featuring a very cool bird embroidered raglan sweater from Oasap. It's more of an indoors winter outfit (unless you add tights and a heavy coat) but I braved it for a few pictures since the lighting inside my house is TERRIBLE. 

Sweater - I absolutely loved this sweater as soon as I saw it. Being a big fan of birds it sort of called to me, and since it's a simple embroidery it's not to over powering to wear with another print. Since it is more of a cropped sweater there aren't any worries about having to tuck it in.

Skirt - I've had this BCBG skirt for a while now and it's been a staple in my "fancy wear". Not only is it thick enough to wear comfortably in the winter, and have shirts tucked into without that awkward line but I actually look a little curvy in it. 

Shoes - I know that I've had these shoes in quite a few of my outfit posts, and I hope you aren't tired of them. Not only are they high, and slimming but they add a little edge to outfits that can be a little on the soft side. 



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