My First Week of School


When I first took these photos, I thought that they were gorgeous, perfect for using in a blog post. However when I see them now, I think they look a little masculine. Actually the only thing I do like a about them is the fact that my hair looks pretty good (for me) thanks to the Kiss InstaWave. It's kind of funny how perspectives can change in such a short time. But ANYWAYS...

This week was my first week at a new campus (same college). I blogged about my first day of school and the whole week pretty much went the same way, plus I figured you guys don't care that much about my daily life, so I figured I could just summarize what went on. Starting with Tuesday.

I got to school way too early, since I don't take myself although I might have to start, and hung out for awhile before realizing I had no idea where my first class was. So I looked at those little campus maps and eventually got there, although I wasn't quite sure I was in the right place, because it wasn't marked at all so I just kind of hoped. Luckily it was all okay, and I sat through #worldsmostboringlecture before leaving five minutes early (don't worry I wasn't learning anything) that way I could get to my math class on time. To do that I had to cross a street, go through the tunnel and then walk through another parking lot and across another street before finally getting to the building I need to and heading to the basement. The class actually wasn't that bad, although my teacher a very Russian man seems quite scary, partially because of the accent and partially because he is pretty muscular. On the plus he does have a very nice butt.

Wednesday was the day I actually saw someone I knew. It's funny how I know so many people that go to this school, but the only one I see is one I know from my the campus I normally go to. But anyways I was just getting ready to go down the stairs to my first class of the day design,  when this kid walked in the doors and I realized I sort of knew him. He's the math tutor at my school and I used him  last year in calculus 1 back when I was a blonde, but except for my friend and I (we're pretty sure he has a thing for her) got him to work out our final exam problems for calculus three. To tell the truth I was surprised he even recognized me, so I talked to him until I got to my class, and thanked him for his help in getting me an A. I'm hoping that I continue to see him on the off chance that genius is contagious, and hoping for his sake that dumb isn't. During the design class I managed to listen to lecture and then went off to do homework and play on the internets until my CAD class. In there I tried to find someone to carpool with in my little row, but I think I'm going to have to start looking further. I also realized my professor is probably incompetent to teach the class. 

Thursday the recitation for my first class was canceled, since we didn't really have anything to learn, so I waited around until the actual class started and it was more of the same boring stuff. Then I ran off to my math class which was a little over my head for part of the lesson, but overall pretty good. 

Today, Friday was a huge fail. I had one class, and since I didn't take myself I got to school really early. And then when I got there only six of us were there, and we realized class was canceled so I had to wait another three hours for my ride to pick me up, so I just played on the computer and sort of studied. Luckily I found an outlet to plug my devices into that was comfy and warm. 

P.S. Sorry for the wall of text. 

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