My Current Hair, Face & Body Products

 While doing my nightly routine of what mostly consists of masks and moisturizers I realized just how many products I'm using now (for both day and night). After looking at it all, I think it I've official become a high maintenance lady even if I'm still not wearing makeup or doing my hair on the daily, actually sometimes not even weekly. However since I've done a little skin care research and have worked hard at testing out products and figuring out what to use I decided I could share with you guys my current hair, face and body products. 
 First up are all of my face products. The weird contraption at the bottom is a hair removal tool from the Bella and Bear Hair She Goes Kit. Using it does hurt a little but it's a lot faster than the regular old tweezers, and getting the hang of it isn't hard. Above that is BareFaced Mud Mask that I use roughly once a week. It can be a little moisture sucking but since it completely gets rid of blackheads (something I struggle with) it's totally worth it. Above that is the Adovia eye cream that feels wonderful to use but I almost always forget to! Niacinamide Acid sounds like a terrible thing to have in a moisturizer, and this just kind of sat around until I realized that was code for vitamin B3 and every night I use it to keep away the acne. Once it absorbs in, I use my trusty hyaluronic acid serum  for moisture. In the mornings and throughout the day I use my Ageless Derma lotion even if it is a little on the oily side. 
 I'm pretty good about remembering to use all of my skincare products but when it comes to body care, I completely space it most of the time. I'm trying to work on it though and have been using a few different things. From the bottom is cellulite cream that I have to use because with my college weight gain, not only did I get a little more boobs and butt I also got a little cellulite. It's nothing bad, but I just want it to disappear. Like a lot of people I have scars (from bike riding) on my knees and the Sieva Scar Cream is helping me get rid of them, plus it smells great. All over for moisture I'm using Rosehip Seed Oil and for spots that a little more dry, like elbows, I'm also using a generic body lotion. Then of course sunscreen, which I also use on my face. The last thing I want is premature aging and thanks to Babyganics sunscreen I have an everyday option that's organic. 
From my constant complaints you might know that I have bad hair, but I'm trying to fix it. Once a week I use this awesome smelling hair mask. I leave it in for 30 minutes to an hour and then wash my hair as normal in the shower. For the daily I use organic argan oil and it helps my hair ends, although once I'm back to blonde I'm afraid it'll leave yellow deposit and I won't be able to anymore.

So what beauty products do you use, and is it as many as me? 

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