Life Photos: Goodbye You, Snow, Elizabeth

Life lately has been pretty busy for me, mostly with school, but of course there's been some drama too. The first photo is from a grocery list for my vegan enchiladas. Then the same day an accidental, very blurry photo of me. At least I was laughing in it. Then there's a photo of a semi backing out into a city street blocking the whole road. After that is a picture of a hotel that's getting torn down. My father and I joke that it looks like Bruit.

At school they closed down a tunnel to retile which I guess is fine except they were just hanging out there. Of course since I drive a lot of days in the ice I got salt on my windshield which didn't come off no matter what I tried. I ended up having to pull over. Randomly a girl decided to sit across from me at a table then fell asleep there. After that my necklace from the green dress outfit

After that lots of snow and my boots with a fuzzy on them. A christmas gift card, a box of stuff to sell. Then a random lunch box that someone left in the bathroom, and my bird elizabeth. Looking through my bag it kind smelled when I realized I had left garlic in it totally made sense. After that a picture of the groceries that my grandmother got. I was her driver for the day. Then the tampons only regular were left! What about girls with a heavy flow? Then a tag I had to rip out because it was just too big. 

A random picture of a table, then a creo cutter. Then a bottle. Last is a picture of a hike I took. It was very poorly planned but was fun. That isn't going to be happening again however!

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