Life Photos; CAD from the book, Mechanics, and DEQ

Alright. I talked about going to a new school  and for a little while it was great. However it seems like all the work is piling on me at a terrible time. I had an old "friend" contact me that's going to take up a lot of my time, I've had a lot of blog opportunities and it's just too much with school work. However I don't really have a choice. The first two photos are of someone elses homework that I was using to compare to my own. The boxes are where his name was. Then a ton of pictures from my quite terrible CAD class. First of all we're using Creo which is completely outdated. The the professor literally doesn't teach. He gives us these terrible book assignments that are about impossible to do (because the answers really aren't there) and then gives lectures that have nothing to do with computer aided design. Of course the tests though are just demonstrating that you can make a shape. The worst class though is my Differential Equations one. We have quizzes every week and they are not only hard but graded very harshly. I'm really going to be lucky to make it through this semester. 

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