Food Photos: Lets Start with German Cookies

If you remember last year I made German Cookies with my Grandmother something I think I need to do again, and although I recently ate some I didn't make them. These were from a local "German" cafe in Indianapolis and it was all very good. Then there's a terrible photo of me with some oatmeal. Last in the row is a sort of funny picture. I was having so much trouble opening up my drink while at school that I almost had to ask a random guy sitting a table over for help. 

Then a wonderful cake that I had which had strawberries. After that an even better vegan potato soup my mother made. I'm thinking I'm going to have to share the recipe. A boring burrito after that followed by fake cheese, beans and rice. Then cracker snacks for school. 

More tacos, chili, food that I had out to eat after a glass blowing work shop. More school crackers. Next row is more vending machine treats, a sort of lasagna dinner, a salad and some more crackers. They came in a variety pack and it's fun trying out all the flavors. 

A pizza buffet where I saw something that I knew. I wanted to ask them if they were the same as they always were but of course I didn't. Luckily they didn't recognize me. I guess that's a perk of having brown hair now. Grilled "cheese", more pizza and then a super expensive jewish cafe dinner. I mean really expensive. My friend and I always talked about going there after school and I'm so glad we didn't since we're both poor college students. It was good but for sure not worth the price. Although I get that it was expensive because of the cost of the product. Leftover vegan enchiladas.

Then salad that I had while working a show this week as a promotional model. It's sort of a fun job but a lot of hard work, and for someone as shy as I am a little bit stressful. Then finished off by more vending machines. I'm trying to stop the whole thing but so far haven't made progress. 

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