First Day at a Different College Campus

I've been pretty happy with the small college campus that I've been going to for quite a few reasons, but because I really wanted to take a specific class this semester, I had to (temporarily) transfer to the larger campus, something I was dreading quite a bit... Anyways today was my first day and it wasn't so bad. I went in about seven in the morning, because I'm perpetually early to things (like the eyelash extension gig) and found a place to hang out in the building I took a summer class in, of course next to the power outlet. While I was there some Indian man came up to me and asked where a vegan should eat on campus, when I tried to tell him I didn't know, he didn't quite understand why I didn't know. He ended up talking to me for like an hour and a half which was a little hard for both of us thanks to his ESL, but I managed to find out he's an engineering graduate student so I should probably be really nice to him.

Finally it was time for my class, which was actually in the basement, instead of the first floor like I thought it would be. So eventually I figured out how to get there and walked down this really long and creepy set of stairs. It was so dark too. Luckily once I walked past the doors it was light and bright, and looked just like the upstairs. The room that my class was in is kind of weird though. From the outside it looks like a normal classroom, and doesn't have any windows so we couldn't tell if anyone was in there, until someone just went it. 

From sitting through one lecture I'm already sure that this class is going to be terrible. There are about  100 students and we're doing group projects and ten people in a group that he assigned. That means that we have ten people in a group and it seems quite impossible that we'll ever find a time to get all together. And we have something due in three days, as a group. 

Afterwards, I wandered around looking for my next class and found an amazing place to sit. I couldn't believe that it wasn't taken. They small sectioned off little study areas and this one was perfect for me. Not only did it have two chairs, one forgetting my stuff in, and one for putting my butt, but it also had nice desk and most importantly a power outlet. I spent quite a bit of time up here, actually enough time to write yesterdays post about 'Rose Inspired Outfit'
After some time I got bored so I headed to the basement where I discovered that there are tunnels. Most of it is the just the basements but there is this creepy connection area. They tried to spruce it up a little with this graphite art, but I don't think it worked. However I am quite happy not to have to spend so much time outside in the cold going from house to house. 
In the basement of the technology building I saw all of this "old" technology equipment displayed. I think the oldest is from the mid seventies which wouldn't be old for a person but for computers it is ancient. They actually had older ones then the Indianapolis Art Museum
Once it was finally time for my last class, a CAD one I had a little computer trouble. First I couldn't even turn the computer on, and had to awkwardly ask for help. The boy next to me helped me turn it on (he had some issues too) but it just stayed on this screen so I ended up having to switch to the other side of the room.

Overall the day was a little stressful but not bad. I'm already overwhelmed with school work though.

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