Factory Visit and Trying out Welding

 Until the end of this week, I'm on winter break so my mother thought it'd be the perfect time to learn a little about how factories work, since I am going to school to be an engineer and am completely clueless. So she set up a visit for me at her work. My first step was reading some silly safety manual and then out to the shop floor to learn about welding. The welder showed me drawings, and all their fancy symbols, and some of the things he'd been working on. Then he did a quick demonstration of welding and it was my turn to try it out. 

 First of course I had to get all suited up. Some lunch lady like thing over my hair so I didn't burn it off. Then some jacket thing over me and of course the welding helmet which I couldn't quite figure out how to size to my head. Then a few small pieces of steel that he cut and cleaned (since apparently that makes it easier to weld) and then I started on it. I did two different kinds of welding, first just fusing the two pieces. My biggest problems were going to fast and doing it a little too low, but overall a pretty good job. The harder one was when you are not only fusing but adding in metal. I got the wire stuck just about everywhere. Afterwards we went out to the manufacturing building and inspected the welding on the machines. 
 Then into the office to talk to one of the engineers, actually I've watched his kids before. He showed me some of the software they use and then we went back out to the main manufacturing building to look at the boosters. He did a great job explaining all about how they get water out and compress it and cool the air and what each piece does. I also got to see a huge work in progress for oil rigs, that they've broken twice working on it. As cool as it is how it gets the heat and water out I was more impressed by all the safety features that it has in place. It was a little overwhelming getting so much information, and I have to say I'm glad there isn't any test! 
To end my photo I figured I'd show you the safety shoes I was wearing. As my mother's boss called them the "Greta Shoes". Not at all stylish but they are steel toe, so it's what I had to wear.  Overall I had a fun time learning all about how compressors work, and welding too. 

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