Face Photos: Makeupless Selfies from School, Mostly

The last time I posted face photos wasn't all that long ago. However it seemed that I accumulated quite a few more since then. The first two are of me in my plaid pajama shirt, then one in a vegan sweatshirt. A silly one where you can see how awesome my cheekbones are. A black and white one with expression, my eye which is a pretty color when you can actually see them. Long hair down, then two in a pink scarf , and then some with my ombre sweater. Then more lets check out how I look sort of things. 

After that are some plaid shirt photos that I quite liked. Some with my hair up and then some with my hair down. After that me with a jacket on and my hair up while I was on call for a promotional modeling job (that I ended up getting). Last are three photos of different hair with me. Pulled back then all to the side and a front one. 

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