Eyelash Extensions Modeling + Before & After

 Let me just start by saying sorry! I'm super tired from a lack of sleep last night and more than a little stressed about heading to a new school tomorrow. However I did want to share what I did earlier today, and what actually ended up taking a large portion of the day, eyelash extensions. Unlike the other beauty related modeling gig I've had (remember Brocato) this one wasn't about nice pictures in the end, but rather the process. The company is a supplier of all these eyelash extension goods and teaches classes for people in the beauty field to learn to put them on, and they were creating promotional material for these classes. So in addition to the normal video/picture modeling, I was also a demo model for one of the students (which they're always looking for at events like this) along with four other girls. 
 Being the good model that I always am, I arrived early, although at half an hour early I was a little too early. Luckily they had plenty of paperwork for me to sign, since it is kind of a two step job. I decided to black out the company name, since I'm not really sure how public they want it to be that they're working on new promotional material, and so I could feel like a secret spy. 

 Once they were ready to move on to working on models we went in and at first saw what looked like a very comfortable place to lay down. I mean it looked a whole lot like a massage table, and it had a blanket as well as two pillows, one for your head, and one for behind your knees. However once my girl started taping me up I changed my mind, it wasn't like it became painful, just uncomfortable. Plus I'm sure I looked like some sort of Mummy. Since I have big eyes that don't like to close all the way, I even had extra tape, some trick the instructor showed the girl that was doing my eyelashes, so that the glue wouldn't get inside my eyelids. 

Since they are trainees it took a little less than two and a half hours from starting to do the extensions to finishing them, but I do have to say she did quite a good job, and the only pain was dry eyes. Then a few final shots and I was done. 
And here they are without makeup on the way back home. I went for the more striking option so they don't exactly look natural because of their length but in fact much more realistic seeming then the false pairs of eyelashes I've been known to wear. I could live with this doe eyed look forever, although it's only supposed to last 6-8 weeks. It wasn't too painful and and really the only restriction is not to shower within 24 hours of application, so it is something I can see myself doing again. I mean look at the difference between the before and after photos. 

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