Book Review: Tamales

Fast and Delicious Mexican Meals
By Alice Guadalupe Tapp

Tamales are a Mexican favorite, beloved year-round as well as at Christmas, when the whole family traditionally pitches in with the work of tamale preparation and assembly. Thanks to renowned tamales Alice Guadalupe Tapp, it's now possible to enjoy these delicious treats with a lot less labor. Tapp has worked her tamale magic to turn the classic process on its head by paring it down to three to four steps that can be done in as little as forty-five minutes using handy tips, products, and tools. All sixty dishes in the book are naturally gluten free, and include both classic tamale recipes - such as Chicken Mole, Sirloin Beef and Fresh Poblano and Potato tamales - and novel recipes such as Chorizo and Egg, Oxtail and Baked Fig tamales. With this book, tamales are fast and easy enough to enjoy every day, and delicious enough to serve at any celebration. 

Even though I've been working on cooking my own recipes, see my vegan enchiladas or broccoli soup I still love looking at recipes. And Tamales have been something on my list. Although I wish there were more meat free options, I love all of the pictures and everything is easy to make, with common ingredients. If you like A Good Food Day this is a book you should read. 

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