Babysitting actual Babies

I've talked about "babysitting before" for a girl who was super active and with pets involved, but all of those kids were really that, kids and it's always been more of a, make sure the house doesn't get burnt down, and nobody kills anyone. However this weekend I had the opportunity to watch actual babies, well, a toddler and a baby that is. 

So I arrived a little before 6 (I mean I am always early) and met the girls. Then it was time to go over some things, like bedtime, diaper change, and bottle. Then stuff that I could do after they went to bed, like Netflix and other television stuff, plus they gave me the wifi code, which was very thoughtful. I just wish I'd brought my computer because I could have gotten a lot of schoolwork done. 
After the parents left, of course making sure the babies didn't know they were going, we just continued playing. The older girl was quite fond of me, but the younger one wasn't so sure. Actually a few times when I was either trying to get the little one to not eat something that looked like it could be a choking hazard or distract her the older girl would come sit on my lap trying to get me play with her instead. 

 By 6:45 I had to get the younger one's bottle ready. Three scoops of formula and 160 ml of water that was warmed up in this fancy contraption that gets it to the perfect temperature. She's only about seven months old, but in my opinion but quite big in my opinion so holding her and giving her a bottle was a little trouble. Once she was done though it was about time for a diaper change, which I was not looking forward to but since there wasn't any poo it wasn't an issue. Afterwards I took her up to bed and put her in the crib. No crying or any other issues and for the next half an hour I played with the older girl. 

After a potty trip about 7:30 (she's got that all herself but needs some assistance for the lights and hand washing) it was time for bed. Of course she couldn't be as easy as her sister, and after crying for a little bit, came downstairs. I silently walked with her back upstairs trying to not make it too much fun, and went through that one more time. It was so hard to be stern with her because as you can see by the photo (edited her face for privacy) she's adorable. Two stuffed animals in her hands and pants that are a little too long.

Finally she was asleep, which I could tell thanks to the very fancy baby monitor. So I grabbed a Fanta, I'm not normally a soft drink sort of girl but of course I took one of those since outside of my grandmother's house it's a pretty rare thing. Then I watched Taken 2, making for a very easy babysitting day. 

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