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 Not too long ago I was contacted by Smile Brilliant, asking if I'd like to review their system and tell you guys about it. Even before checking out the videos they sent me, and their site I was excited, because my teeth are more than a little yellow. So yellow, that I've photoshopped them whiter out of shame. When I did check out and did a little research, I couldn't believe how awesome of an opportunity I was getting in sharing this, because Smile Brilliant has exactly the kind of whitening system I've been looking for. 

Here's how it works. You order the kit from their site which includes everything you need to get started. The first step is to make the dental impressions. There are three base pastes and three catalyst pastes. One for top, one for bottom, and an extra in case you mess up one. The instructions are super easy to follow for making the molds and when you're done you send them back to the Smile Brilliant which is super easy because they give you a pre-addressed and prepaid envelope. You get an email confirmation when they receive your mold and one when they ship out your custom trays.

 And here I am with my teeth. Normally they don't send these out with your whitening trays, just destroy them after they're done using them as molds, but since I was really curious I got them. And it's pretty cool to see my teeth in a mold.  The most important part of that package was the trays, which also came,  with a case for storage. 

 To use them I just opened up one of the three whitening packs I'd been given and inside was a syringe. Once I figured out how to open the cap (don't worry it isn't hard, I'm just dumb sometimes), it was all easy. Just put in the whitening product in the middle of the trays, and put them in your mouth. They sent me numbing products (which you can get from Smile Brilliant) but I didn't end up needing them, and even after wearing the trays for an hour they didn't irritate me in the least. 
After using them three times, first for 20 minutes, and the second two times for an hour these are my results. Even better than I expected! The whole process is quick and simple, and I love the fact that the trays are custom. I have what is probably smaller than average teeth and things like crest white strips (remember my fail?) don't fit on my teeth. These custom trays fit like a glove.  The whitening was painless, and after just one time I could already see results. Having whiter teeth means I don't have to be self conscious anymore and I can show my teeth in a smile without worrying about them being yellow. 

So if you're looking to have whiter teeth (and who isn't) be sure to check out

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