Thursday Internship then School, Boring then Fun

 I know it's a day later, but I figured I could do one of those my day blog posts. I hope to start doing them weekly, but with finals two weeks from now, and next week me spending my very little free time (thanks to my "modeling" on the weekends and extra hours at my internship) I don't know if that'll happen just yet. But very soon I'll have free time. Anyways back to my day...

I started out at 6:30 brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes, and was out the door by 7:50 headed to my internship. I'm the first one in (I have keys) and I'm supposed to make coffee but my boss forgot to bring filters, which I wish he'd told me before I got there because I could have gotten them. I organized a few things and opened mail until my main boss came in. I went into his office to ask him if he'd had a chance to review my project so I could move forward with it. When I walked in he was reading the newspaper, and said he didn't have a chance yet, even though it was only like two pages. So I headed back to the main office desk (I'm sort of filling in for the office manager while she's on medical leave) and answered the phone once. Right before his meeting he came to talk to me and said I could "read the newspaper". So instead I decided that meant I could do a little homework. 

 It really didn't take me long at all to get it done. Thanks to the help of Chegg which was lucky for me since class started at 1:30. I answered the phone a few more times, and honestly did a terrible job of taking messages and sat around. Not too long after the second meeting started the other intern came in, who didn't have anything to do either today. He started hitting on me, which I always find more than awkward so I took a picture of myself to see if I'd hit on myself that Thursday, and the answer is no. I mean I probably look pretty good for not even managing to brush my hair, and I can't really find anything wrong with my face, but it's still not good. At 1:00 I left, and headed to class. 
 Once I got to school, my very boring matlab class started. He talked for awhile half about the stock market, we went over homework and then he left so we could do teacher evaluations. Then we did more math stuff, and he passed out our take home final exams. I'm a little worried about doing it, I mean it seems a little overwhelming, but whatever. 
 Luckily at the end he passed out chocolate which made it slightly better. Then I did a little math homework (still like 40% to go) and then it was time for class. I'm normally not the type of person that falls asleep in class but I was so tired. I did manage to realize that not only do I have an impossible looking take home test to do but an equally impossible looking extra credit assignment as well. Luckily though my day got way better when I went to thermo class. First off we had pizza. My professor for whatever reason decided to buy a ton of pizzas (with his own money) and lots of different two liters for the whole class. I have no idea why he did it but now I feel like I can't let him down on the final exam out of guilt. That and I think I might have to get him (and possibly my other engineering teachers) some sort of Christmas present although I have no idea what to get. Then we watched a little bit of a movie that was about some steam powered boat. Surprisingly it was actually fairly educational. Then we had what I feel like was the first actual fun lecture, which is something he said would be the case for the last two weeks of class. Too bad I spent all that time just learning the boring thermo stuff. 
Once I got home I was talking to my dad, and asked him about electric motors, piston motors, and turbine motors. It may sound weird saying this but I know how to calculate all these things about them, but I had no idea how they work. Since I'm a sophomore I feel like it's okay though, right? By that time (since class ends at nine) it was time for bed. 

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