Roundup: Book Review (December)

Between finals Christmas, and some modeling gigs I don't have too many book reviews for this month. I figure though that I can share the ones I did do because a few of these books are really good. Per usual just click on the purple link to see the book's full review. Oh and that picture above is my New Year's Eve hang out.

In Her Kitchen  - Like a lot of people I know, I love food. So when I saw In Her Kitchen I was excited to see all the recipes that it offered and possibly try a few. This is so much more an a cook book though. It offers an insight into the women behind the dish and it's a whole lot of fun to read. 

Bonhoeffer Abridged  - Sometimes I'm in the mood for more of an educational read, and that's exactly what Bonhoeffer did. Of course in an entertaining way. As someone who'd like to think that they know a lot about WW2 I learned a lot from this book.
 Beloved Dust - There are so many different ideas about who God is and how you should talk to him. Beloved Dust uses biblical passages to challenge some of these myths. It's very through and eye opening.
 The Divorce Papers - I don't normally think of Divorce as something that can be comical. It's like a breakup it's except a whole lot more awkward, and you just pretend it never existed. So I was surprised that I really enjoyed reading The Divorce Papers.
 The Babylon Contingency - Do you remember reading those Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books when you were a kid. Personally I loved all the mysteries, and Babylon Contingency reminds me of a grown up version of that. It's a great adventure full of artifacts and exotic places.

Slaying the Debt Dragon - This is one book I didn't expect to like. However as I sometimes am , I was proved wrong, and I really like this book. It offers a lot of helpful financial information, and it's very well written. This is one I'm going to be passing on to friends when I'm done. 

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