Review:CDL Brands Vibe Multi-Purpose Bike Wrench

Since I've been trying to get in shape biking has been one of those fun things for me. For me it's more of a partner or group activity but alone it's quite relaxing. I'm not the only one who thinks it's fun entertainment either, because a girl I used to watch wanted to bike ride all the time. But it isn't just that... It's a part of my whole getting in shape thing. 

Alright so this is an amazon product which seems to be where you get anything cool. So you do the whole payment, wish they had paypal, and then pick your shipping from a variety of options and wait for it to come to you. Inside that brown shipping box, there it is. It has a cardboard box and clear plastic front so you can easily see the bike wrench. There's what the product does as well as the CDL Brands and Vibe names. 

Verdict: If you're like me and always borrowing a bike, partially from being too lazy to bring your own and partially because my bike rides are more spontaneous and I can't just bring my bike with me everywhere. So this Multi-Purpose Bike Wrench is perfect for adjusting seats, and if I have any issues while riding I don't have to worry because I have this light weight bike wrench around. 

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