Review: Thermalabs Natural Organic Self Tanner Lotion

Naturally I'm not that pale of a person. I tan easily and have yet to get a "real" sunburn. You know the kind that peels is painful. However I have pale skin because I've pretty much gone away from any sort of tanning and even staying out in the sun without sunblock like my Coppertone Sunny Days. Most of the time I embrace my paleness since it's way better than having sun damage that causes wrinkles and skin cancer but every once in awhile I want to look tan which is why I was so excited awhile back when Thermalabs sent me their Glow 2 Go, and since I liked it so much the sent me their Natural Organic Self Tanner Lotion. 

Like the tanning towelettes this darkening lotion just sort of showed up at my house, which means I have no idea about ordering, shipping or anything like that. When it came to my house it was nicely put in a clear plastic bag to prevent leaks which I really appreciate and luckily there weren't any. The bottle is an 180 ml one and is clear (though you can see the white cream underneath) and it has a gold label on the front with a woman that has warm brown skin (envy right) and gold makeup. 

To use I simply get some on my hands and apply like any normal lotion. Of course you have to be careful to make sure you spread it evenly. Also elbows and knees need about half as much as normal skin. It goes on a a pure white but like magic it'll make your skin brown. Oh and unlike all other at home tanning products I've tried this Thermalabs Natural Organic Self Tanner actually smells good.

Verdict: I love this self tanner. It gives me a nice warm color that's a few shades darker than my normal one. I love that it lasts a long time and doesn't pigment my sheets like I had one product do previously. Application was easy and I'm so happy that I can smell good and have a fake tan for once. 

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