Review: ThermaLabs Glow 2 Go

Since high school I've learned a lot about having healthy skin, and I use quite a few products to keep it that way as you might have seen when I showed all of my hair and skin stuff. Part of that is staying out of the sun and using a whole lot of sunscreen which is great for not having wrinkles. The problem though is when I want to have the beach babe look I'm way too pale to pull it off. So when the people over at Therma Labs offered to send me their Glow 2 Go single use towelettes to review, of course I said yes. 

Alright so previously I've tried out a few different tanning products, two of which stick in my mind the clearest. Jergens Natural Glow Express  that although it worked well, took forever to get any results, and Beautisol Mousse that stained my sheets horribly.  But back to these ThermaLabs Glow 2 Go towels. They come in a set of twenty inside a golden brown cardboard box. On the front is a girl with gorgeous skin and the back offers ingredients, and how to use them. First unfold and wipe all over body. Be careful in the elbow and knee areas as to not apply too much. Then after four hours you'll have full affect. 

Verdict: Unlike most tanning products I didn't notice a bad scent. These towelettes are very easy to use, I'm much less prone to making mistakes with these than typical sprays. The color looks natural and warm so I'm very happy with these ThermaLabs Glow 2 Go single use towelettes. 

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