Review: Stewart® Pro-Treat® Freeze Dried Blends

By now you might now that I'm an animal lover. I've talked extensively about peta2, as well as show you guys lots of pictures of my bird, cat, fish and my dog. So when the people over at Stewart Pro-Treat offered to send me their freeze tried blends, of course I said yes, and knew that my dog Checkers would love testing them out. Because she loves food. 

Alright so I can't really say anything about payment or shipping time because these Stewart Pro Treat Freeze Dried Blends just sort of came to me, but I can talk about packaging. These dog treats come in a plastic tub with the label on the front that has a product picture as well as a funny looking puppy and some product information. Getting these the tub open is a little hard as it has one of those brake away tops and I'm surprised the I didn't cut myself. Also the tub is quite deceiving in since it's huge for only having four oz of product. 

Verdict: When I first gave one of these to my dog she wasn't sure what to do with it. If it was food or not. After a few minutes she ate it and Checkers must have liked it because the next one I gave her she ate immediately. And as healthy as these are, I don't mind giving them to her. 

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