Review: Stark Reflective Vest

I'm actually loving running right now, although I still have a hard time motivating myself to start. Once I do though it's all great fun. Because I tend to have an internship and be going to school in the day most of my running time is either before dawn in the morning or after dusk at night so when the people over at Stark offered to send me their reflective vest I thought it was great.

So this comes from Amazon, which in my opinion is a great thing. That means free shipping since I have prime, and if you don't have prime fast and pretty cheap shipping, although I really recommend you get it. After just ordering my three semesters of textbooks it pretty much pays for itself. Payment is easy too, and if you do need to return something, it isn't an issue. This reflective vest comes in clear plastic with a piece of paper inside that has warning and the stark name as well as lots of product info.

Verdict: Since this isn't an all over vest you can wear it with whatever you want underneath since the size is so easily adjustable. That also means it isn't going to pick up sweat. Of course the best thing is how easy it is to see so it's going to keep you safe. 

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