Review: Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner

Personally I can't say that I have a beard. Growing one just isn't a skill that I've been blessed with. However I do have a very close friend who loves to grow theirs out. As much as I dislike it. Awhile back we came up with a compromise if he kept it neat and clean, and as soft as normal hair then I would stop trying to convince him to get rid of it. He's been doing a pretty good job keeping it neat but it still isn't as soft as I'd like. So when the people at Smooth Viking Beard Care offered to send me their 100% natural beard conditioner. 

Just like that fancy flask that I reviewed  this beard conditioner came from Amazon. So maybe it is a place to get gifts for the men in your life. As usual it IS the place to order easily with no hassles, easy shipping and a super easy return policy. It comes in a burlap mini bag that is very masculine. Inside is a silver colored metal tin. A white and blue label is on the front, and really I like the whole presentation. 

Verdict: I absolutely love this Beard Conditioner from Smooth Viking. It smells good, and actually makes my friend's beard soft with a lot of fancy natural ingredients like coconut oil and organ oil plus it smells great. Plus with the uber cool packaging you can give it as a subtle gift to your man friend. 

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