Review: Reduxa Inc. Infinite Joy Ginseng Tea

Weight loss tends to be a common new years goal. And to tell the truth it's something that I'm really trying to work on. So when I was offered the chance to review the Reduxa Inc. Infinite Joy a Ginseng Tea of course I said yes. I wasn't quite sure how it would work and didn't quite believe it would but anything is worth a try, and I like tea so why not.

Alright so this was one of those products that was just sent to me so I can't say anything about the ordering or shipping on this Infinite Joy with Ginseng Tea. It does however come in a large white bag with the Infinite Joy label on the front. It has the amount of tea bags, 30 on the front as well as a product picture and some pretty leaves. Here's what the company has to say. 

"Infinite Joy is a herbal tea for losing weight it includes 21 herbal ingredients that help in supporting natural weight loss. The herbs in this everyday diet tea and detox supplement helps to naturally raise your basal metabolic rate which allows you to burn the excess fat in your body and eventually help you to shed those extra pounds. The ingredients in this herbal tea makes it a great tasting tea for appetite suppression best of all the most important benefit of Infinite Joy is that it's herbal ingredients help to naturally detoxify your body. The herbal combination helps by stimulating the detox action of liver and eliminates unwanted toxins from your body. 

Infinite joy also includes powerful ginseng which is well-known for its weight loss property. This simple weight loss tea is also rich in compounds called phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are a group of beneficial, non-nutritive biological compounds that occur naturally in roots, leaves, buds and stems of plants. Research on weight loss indicates if your body is staggering with accumulated toxins, it becomes extremely difficult to lose weight via exercise and dietary changes. This is why an ideal diet tea and detox supplement like Infinite Joy is the best support you can offer yourself while on a weight loss goal. If you are working towards shedding the unwanted weight, it is a perfect addition to your weight loss regimen. Keep in mind to follow healthy eating habits, stay physically active as well as monitor and decrease stress level. 

The product is 100% natural and unlike other weight loss products has no caffeine. With this simple, everyday tea weight loss is not a distant dream, the combination of ingredients in this herbal tea makes it an ideal weight loss supplement. Try Infinite Joy it is a perfect diet tea and detox supplement that also improves your overall health and well-being besides acting as a weight loss tea."

Verdict: I have to say I'm very happy with the Reduxa Inc. Infinite Joy Ginseng Tea. It comes with a lot of product, which means you don't have to order it all the time. It's given me energy and really makes me feel refreshed. 

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