Review: Piczzle Custom Cardboard Puzzle

I'm a pretty big fan of me. Something that I think is probably pretty common, as long as you don't have low self esteem. For me just seeing pretty photos of myself, that are made that way thanks to awesome photographers and makeup artist is good enough for me. However I've been told by a few relatives that I don't give them enough pictures so when Piczzle contacted me about getting a custom puzzle made, I thought it'd make a perfect gift. 

Ordering from their site is easy. You upload the picture that you want, I picked this beauty from my Brocato shoot, decide what you want written on it. You have two lines, and I thought my name and the year were very good choices. Then pick the size of puzzle you want and how many pieces you want it to have. After that your cardboard puzzle will be shipped to you and arrive with a plastic cover over it and the pieces in a bag inside. 

Verdict: When this puzzle arrived I was immediately impressed. The cover, showing the picture looks professional and the pieces are cut very well. Even cooler they're very well printed. As a gift, for my grandparents, they were very happy. It's a perfect memorabilia.

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