Review: OZ Radiance Vitamin C Serum

As you might know already I'm quite the fan of using different serums. I mean take a look at all of the beauty products I use on the daily. The list is quite hefty because I'm very interested in taking good care of myself. So anytime I'm given the chance to try out a different skin care product, I take it because I'm looking for that holy grail. That's why I was excited to get and then review this serum. 

Like the majority of the beauty products I get this Oz radiance vitamin c serum comes directly from amazon. By that I mean you order from the Amazon website, and then pay there, and they actually ship it from their warehouse. When it arrives, it comes in a dark brown container, with a bright yellow label. The label is actually quite pleasant to look at. It has a large c in the middle and rays beaming out from it. The dispenser is a black dropper, and is glass, just like the bottle. 

Verdict: I'm very happy with this vitamin c serum by Oz Radiance. Most vitamin c serums I try are just that, a vitamin c serum . However this one actually has hylauronic acid with it, so I can still keep that up, and get my vitamin c without having to add yet another product. Although I don't really like the yellow color it has, it smells good, and hydrates well. 

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