Review: Medium Gauge Celluloid Picks With Velvet Pouch

As a normal human I like music. Back in high school I played a pink flute and had a lot of fun with it, although there was way too much drama for me to like being in band. So when I went off to college I kind of forgot about the whole thing, that is until I had a friend that was very into string instruments. Then I started learning to play that. To tell the truth it's a whole lot less messy to play a wind instrument than a string instrument so when I was offered the chance to review these  CeolWave picks of course I said yes. 

Alright so these come via amazon. I've gotten a lot of beauty product that way as well as some technology and cooking things from there but never anything music. So I was interested to see a music product coming this way. They arrive in a very pretty velvet pouch perfect if you want to gift this and inside ten medium gauge celluloid picks.

Verdict: After having a music friend of mine try these out, since I'm no expert on music, I found out that my suspicions were correct. This is a great set of picks. They're sturdy and make great sound, and are a perfect addition. 

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