Review: Majestic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil

Lately I've become a fan of using all natural and organic products instead of the basic run of the mill things that you find in most stores. It does take a little bit of research but sometimes you come up with hidden treasure products, like just about everything in my current skin and hair routine. So when Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals offered to send me their peppermint essential oil which is 100% pure and natural therapeutic grade of course I said yes. There are so many cool things that can be done with it.

So I was actually impressed to see that you can order this peppermint oil off of amazon because a lot of essential oils are very hard to find and very expensive. It even comes via prime. Inside it has a dark glass bottle and a white label. There's the Majestic Pure name some information and then a picture of peppermint. 

Verdict: This Peppermint Essential Oil can be used to receive headaches and nausea. Personally though I love to add it to my cleaner for the winter Christmas smell. Oh and it's an easy way to get your hands on essential oils for soap making. 

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